13 Jan

Smart Pump Management. Cooperation between QUALIST and LIBAL®.



Smartpump is the collaboration of two Swiss companies that specialize in the Industry 4.0 transformation. The solution is the result of a successful collaboration to reflect our combined expertise in various fields to help Pump operators.

Smartpump is the shortest and most cost-effective way for pump operators & maintainers to digitalise their operations and transform them into Industy 4.0. They leverage the power of IoT, Mobile Apps, AI, Augmented Reality, and Digital Asset Management in one single step.

Smartpump is a ready-to-use collection of IoT hardware, web-based software, mobile App and integration tools that are provided with a pay-as-you-use model. These tools are specifically engineered for the needs of pump operators or pump maintenance personnel to manage pumps on the field.

The benefits for the customers are:

  • Reduces of service response times

The service response times are greatly reduced by real-time data based decisions & prediction logic that allows you to react faster

  • Added value to support contracts

Our customer are able to increase both the price and the number of your service contracts without any risks or initial investment. 

  • Increased customer interaction

Our customer are able to engage with their customers in a more smarter way

  • Digital twin of the product

Provideing of life process data visualisation and product life cycle information.