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Issue your plant and spare parts smart and efficiently with LIBAL®.

Save money and resources with LIBAL® by collaborating with your vendors to produce the Spare Parts Interchangeability Record within the LIBAL® industrial internet network.
LIBAL ® creates complex spare parts lists as EPL, SPIL or SPIR for plant operators like SHELL, RasGas, BP or GAZPROM from the oil and gas sector. The LIBAL® export function facilitates data integration with Enterprise management systems like ERP and FM, as well as other CAx tools.


  • Enterprise spare part management

Relate 100‘000 of spare part items to OEM products and TAG’s. Your product and spare part items are structured in a hierarchically tree view or in a simple list view. Employees can independently work at multiple plants and projects from anywhere in the world.


  • Save time with „drag and drop „  functions

Easy to use. Just drag a product from the catalog and drop it at the designated TAG. All related and relevant spare part data will also be interconnected with the TAG.


  • Mass product and data management

All datas are object based and can be edited fast and efficient. The modern mass data processing allows you to work like you work with a spread sheet.


  • Web based cross-collaboration

Our CORE software runs on our secured servers which can be reached by any common internet browser. Only authorized users have access to the system and therefore only those users can work together at inter-company projects.


  • More time for your engineers core business

LIBAL® takes over the entire data management of products and spare part data and connect those to the plant TAG’s. Your engineer just has to review the required spare part list as requested.


LIBAL® is the first Industry 4.0 system which operates as an industrial internet network for EPC projects, plant documentation and maintenance services. LIBAL® provides a central data platform for large inter-company projects in which suppliers, contractors and operators of the Oil & Gas sector work together. Modern database technologies and consistently object-oriented realizations ensure solid and all time recent plant data and documentation management. LIBAL® can display every arbitrary hierarchically plant system structure and can be adjusted flexible to any plant structure requirement.



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